Photo use & media pack

Photography notice & permission

At many RSCDS classes and events we arrange for a photographer to capture images and video footage of dancers and musicians to use for future promotional purposes. The RSCDS feels that it is important to document dancing and music at specific events in order to show the world just how much fun and challenge SCD can provide, to preserve these moments for future generations and to capture the excitement and energy of social dancing.

However, we recognise that some individuals will not wish to be photographed nor have their image broadcasted, and we will respect their wishes. 

So that everyone is fully informed we recommend that each Branch and Affiliated Group download the documents below. This will ensure that each participant at an event is aware that photography is taking place, and, at some events, be asked to give the RSCDS permission to use their likenesses in creating promotional materials.

If you have any questions regarding the above documents or the use of photography during RSCDS events, please contact us at:

Please note that at all centrally organised RSCDS events photography and filming will take place.

In addition, if you would like to use a photo from our photo gallery, please contact us for permission and we will be happy to provide you with a high resolution format.

Consent forms for under 18

At all RSCDS events where there will be young people aged under 18 we will send out consent forms to the parent or guardian for permission to photograph. The consent forms will also be available at the event itself.

We understand the sensitive issue of taking photographs of young people. The RSCDS follows its policy to protect vulnerable adults and children and we respect the right of any participant for privacy.

Media pack

We love to see the RSCDS in the media and invite RSCDS members and the public to submit articles, publications, videos, etc. about the RSCDS that you have seen in your local or national media for inclusion on this page. Please send all material to:

The images you see on our website were taken by Coates Crescent, submitted by Branches & Groups, and some wonderfully talented photographers:

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