Core Repertoire

The Core Repertoire (April 2008) is not intended as a definitive list of the best or most popular dances, but is simply a selection compiled by experienced dancers and teachers to meet the criteria noted below. The selection of dances has been made with a number of objectives in mind. Among them are:

  • To provide inexperienced dancers with a manageable repertoire of dances that appear on dance programmes;
  • To provide teachers and dancers with a structured list of dances containing the principal formations of Scottish Country Dancing;
  • To provide programme devisors with a common base from which a part of any dance or ball programme can be developed in order to encourage inexperienced dancers.

Download the Core Repertoire here

The Core Repertoire (April 2016) has been updated and is available for download by clicking the link below. This edition has more of an emphasis on teaching, and we invite members to read through and compare both editions.

Download the Core Repertoire (2016) here


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