Forms & Supporting Information

Teaching Certificate Syllabus
Teaching Certificate Guidance for Candidates
Teaching Scottish Country Dancing Guidelines
Standard Terminology
Examination Fees

Unit 1
X1-02 Schedule of Examination Dates
X1-03 Candidate application form
X1-05 Branch application to hold Unit 1 Examination
X1-09 Guidelines for translation
X1-13 Guidelines for Invigilators
X1-14 Procedures for conducting the examination
Unit 1 - Examinable areas (Manual 3rd edition)
Sample Paper 1 - Marking Scheme
Sample Paper 2 - Marking Scheme
Unit 1 - Question bank

Unit 2 / 3
X2X3-02 Notification to hold examinations (Branches)
X2X3-03 Branch application form to hold examinations
X2X3-04 Candidate application form
X2X3-05 Candidate application form (re-sit)
X2X3-06 Guidance on Examination Procedures (Branches)
X2-08 Assessment and Result form (Unit 2 examination valid from 01 July 2014)
X3-08 Assessment and Result form (Unit 3 examination valid from 01 July 2014)
Unit 3 Sample Assignment Bank

Unit 4 / 5
X4-02 Branch application form to present candidates for Unit 4
X4-05 Guidelines for preparation of Record of Teaching Practice
X4-10 Unit 4 Cover Sheet
X4-11 Mentor's confirmation and guidelines for those mentoring candidates
Unit 4 Checklist for candidates - Record of Teaching Practice
X4X5-03 Candidate application form
X4X5-04 Candidate application form (re-sit)
X5-02 Branch application form to present candidates for Unit 5
X5-05 Guidance on examination procedures for Unit 5
X5-07 Assessment and Result form (Unit 5 examination valid from 01 July 2014)
Unit 5 Sample Assignment Bank


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