International Teacher Development

Applications for financial support under this scheme may be made in one of three categories by the following bodies or office bearers.

  1. To support the travel expenses for an overseas member of teaching staff invited to teach at either the RSCDS Summer School or the RSCDS Winter School in Scotland.  This application would normally be made by the Schools’ Director.
  2. To support the travel expenses of a member of teaching staff invited to teach at any RSCDS residential school outside Scotland.  The application should be made by the relevant RSCDS Branch or appropriate organising committee.
  3. To support the travel expenses of invited staff and/or running costs of a regional course designed to support teacher development.  The application should be made by the relevant RSCDS Branch, regional organising committee, or Teachers’ Association.

Procedures for application to the fund.

Applications are to be made in writing, using the JMMF application form (click here to download the form), showing how financial support from the fund would fit into the overall budget. Complete forms should be sent to JMMF Application (ITD), RSCDS, 12 Coates Crescent, Edinburgh, EH3 7AF, or by email to (with "JMMF Application (ITDF)" in the subject line) by either 28th February or 30th August and at least six months before the proposed travel or event.

Applications will be considered by the E&T Committee during the March and September meetings. Applicants will be informed of the decision within 10 days of the relevant meeting.

Under normal circumstances only one award will be made in each category each year.  Preference will be given to the support of “emerging” or developing teachers in the younger age range.


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