Notes on Miss Milligan’s Miscellany

The RSCDS and TAC (Teachers’ Association, Canada) are delighted to be posting on both websites the result of a collaboration by teachers from both organisations to produce Joint Notes on the dances in the Miscellany. This is a great resource for both teachers and dancers alike.

The purpose of the project, which was undertaken in 2014, was to clarify some of the ambiguities and inconsistencies that are found in Miss Milligan's Miscellany.

We are indebted to Pat Coyle, Ruth Jappy, Jean Martin and Mervyn Short for the time and diligence they brought to this project. We trust you will find the Notes useful.

To download the file please click on the link below:


The following are words from Project Coordinator Jim Healy:

In the course of the joint project with TAC to develop additional teaching notes for the Miscellany, it was agreed to continue with the practice from TAC Notes of giving phonetic equivalents of selected titles which were believed to be particularly subject to mispronunciation.

The production of audio files of the pronunciation of the dance names in the Miscellany is intended only to give a sense of the common usage for the titles of the dances and not to be prescriptive. Pronunciation, particularly of family and place names, is a challenge because no two people pronounce anything in exactly the same way

This is a pilot project and we would be interested in your views on whether it is useful and whether it should be expanded.

Particular thanks to Ian Muir, our Music Director, for his assistance in making the files more manageable.

Please let us know what you think.

To download the audio files click here.

Please note: the files are in a zipped folder, so you must unzip the folder in order to play the individual tracks.

If you have any questions please get in touch with Headquarters.


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