Revised Teaching Certificate Syllabus

A message from Malcolm Brown, Convenor of the Education & Training Committee:

As some of the eagle eyed among you will have noticed, there is a revised Syllabus now up the website. The changes are minor, but we think are improvements on what has gone before, and the new Syllabus will be used for exams from the beginning of July. If you are going to tutor a course with exams after the beginning of July, or you are planning to be a candidate, it would be advisable to look at the documents on the website.

The following changes have been made:

1) The minimum age requirements have been reduced

2) We have replaced two of the Unit 2 dances with ones which we think are more suitable:

a. Summer Wooing replaces Gates of Edinburgh

b. Rodney’s Rant replaces Woo’d and Married and A’

3) We have removed a couple of rarely danced formations from the Unit 3 list, and updated the list of Unit 3 Assignments

4) We have removed one rarely danced formation from the Unit 5 list, and updated the list of dances so that there is at least one dance containing a formation from the list of formations.

5) We have removed the need for the candidates to dance the 16 / 32 bar assignment during the exam.

6) Although candidates will still be asked to recap the Unit 2 dances, it will no longer be assessed.

If you have any questions please email and we will be happy to pass them along to the Committee.


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