Summer School 2017!

Come and join us in beautiful St. Andrews for another fun-packed month of Scottish music and dancing in Summer 2017! The RSCDS Summer School has been an annual event (and our largest) for more than 80 years (excluding the years during WWII). Last year we welcomed more than 500 dancers from across the globe and across all ages. 

Each Week of Summer School gives dancers the opportunity to take part in classes, social dancing, a Ceilidh or two with the input of experienced teachers and great musicians, and of course to dance at our famous Younger Hall. Dancers stay in St. Andrews University and accommodation, food and social dances are all included in the price (with residential and non-residential options).

Last year we introduced 'Junior Summer School' (JSS) for those between 8-11 years old, which we are proud to say was a great success! Building on last year we are pleased to once again offer the programme in Week Three of Summer School 2017 for those looking to bring the wee ones along to learn how to Dance Scottish. Class times coincide with the adult classes - JSS starts a bit earlier and finishes a bit later so you can drop them off and still attend your own classes at Summer School.

In addition, our Music Course is increasingly popular with musicians of all ages taking part to learn the finer points of playing for Scottish Country Dancing. Teaching comes from some amazing band leaders who have played and taught worldwide.

The RSCDS Summer School offers something for everyone; whether you are a dancer or a musician, young or slighly older, we welcome you to St. Andrews to take part in our historic Summer School where fun, fitness and friendship can be felt in every step.

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(To download this flyer please click here)

We will be offering an Introductory course in Week 2 only, and a Social Dancing Skills Course in Week 4 only.

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Class Teachers and Musicians

Click here to find out who will be teaching/playing for your class in Week 1

Click here to find out who will be teaching/playing for your class in Week 2

Click here to find out who will be teaching/playing for your class in Week 3

Click here to find out who will be teaching/playing for your class in Week 4

Social Dancing Programmes

Click here for the social dancing programme for Week 1

Click here for the social dancing programme for Week 2

Click here for the social dancing programme for Week 3

Click here for the social dancing programme for Week 4


Click here for Week 1 cribs

Click here for Week 2 cribs

Click here for Week 3 cribs

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Dancing Achievement Award

The “Dancing Achievement Award” is an opportunity for dancers to work with a course tutor and concentrate on personal dancing critique. It is also a chance for those who are thinking of taking the RSCDS Teaching Qualifications to have their dancing assessed in preparation for Unit 2.

We will offer the Dancing Achievement Award in the following weeks:

Introductory: Week 2 (23 - 30 July)

Advanced: Week 3 (30 July - 6 August)

Very Advanced: Week 4 (6 - 13 August)

Please note: The deadline for applications is 31st March, 2017

The Sponsors of Summer School

We are pleased to be partnering with Mackies, ScotlandShop and Highland Experience Tours for the 2017 edition of Summer School! 

ScotlandShop are delighted to be sponsoring Summer School this year. They specialise in making anything in any tartan, so feel free to contact them with any weird and wonderful tartan requests and they will do their very best to find a solution! In August, to complement their website, ScotlandShop will also be opening their very first shop in the West End of Edinburgh. Join their mailing list or follow them on Facebook for your exclusive invitation to the launch.

To learn more please visit their website by clicking here.#

The RSCDS is thrilled to have Mackie's of Scotland on board as one of our main sponsors! Mackie's ran a competition where one lucky winner won two spots at this years Summer School! The winner, Margaret Tough from the Glasgow Branch, will be attending during Week Four and you can follow along with her adventures here.

Thank you so much for being a part of Summer School and we can't wait to welcome Margaret for a wonderful week of dancing.

To view their wonderful line of products please visit the Mackie's of Scotland website here

Why not add another exciting element to your Summer School experience and take a guided tour while in Scotland? Extend your stay at either side of Summer School or combine a short trip with your current plans.

Summer School attendees and RSCDS members receive a 5% discount.

Highland Experience Tours do much more than run trips to the Highlands; they offer a huge choice of day excursions and more extensive 2 - 8 day ultimate experience packages that cover the length and breadth of the country.
Check out the wealth of possibilities on their website
www.highlandexperience.comwhere will you be inspired to visit?
Please note that all bookings should be made direct with Highland Experience.
Book online via the Highland Experience website and quote the Partner Code
RSCDS1 at checkout.
You can book by telephone too, 0131 226 1414, and quote the same
RSCDS1 Partner promotional code.

If you need advice or help in choosing an option that’s perfect for you, just email the Highland Experience team or give them a call. Don’t forget to mention that you are responding to the RSCDS promotion.

Music Course (16 - 23 July; 30 July - 6 August)

The Music Course is something very special, and it is wonderful to walk the halls of St. Andrews University listening to amazing music being played live. Welcoming fiddle players, pianists, accordionists, cellists, and all those who play traditional music (we had a flautist and a bass guitarist last year!) the Music Course will challenge you to become a better player for Scottish Country Dancing, but also open up a new world of collaboration and friendship.

(To download a flyer for the Musicians' Course please click here)

Please enjoy a short video from the Musicians' Course during Week Three of Summer School 2016! As you can see (and hear) the music is top notch, and we are excited to be holding the course twice at this years school. 

Due to popular demand, this year we are expanding the Music Course and will be offering a programme in both Week 1 and Week 3. The course in Week 3 will be as in previous years focusing on playing for events, whereas the course in Week 1 will be for those wishing to become class musicians. Please click here for more information.

Junior Summer School (30 July - 6 August)

Building on the success from 2016 we are pleased to be bringing back Junior Summer School in 2017! Though we have designated it 'Junior Summer School', the whole week really feels like a family week, as the wee ones are brought along with their parents to learn the finer points of dancing, and in some cases, just how to dance in general! 

Junior Summer School, for 8 - 11 year olds, which proved so popular last year, will run in Week 3 of Summer School. You can book using the main booking system, but please note that the parent/guardian of each young dancer must also fill in a separate Junior Summer School form (click here to access) and email it to our Events Manager Moira Thomson:

(To download a flyer for Junior Summer School please click here)

Mums and Dads are welcome to drop the kids off with our two wonderful instructors, Dr. Anne McArthur (Convenor of Youth Services for the RSCDS) and Marilyn Watson (member of the Youth Services Committee) each day and then head to their own class. Each day the kids are expected to learn some new dances, technique, and to mix it up they will enjoy some arts & crafts and the ever popular snack time.

Oh, did we mention they also learn a super secret dance that they will perform at the end of the week for all the attendees?

During their time at Junior Summer School the children will learn a super secret dance that they will perform at the end of the week, and Summer School Director Jim Stott was on hand to capture their performance. Oh and don't worry, the dance changes each year, so it will still remain a secret!

Junior Summer School is a great way to bring along the whole family to this wonderful event, so we encourage you to get out the dance shoes and give the kids a brand new experience unlike anything they have ever had.

Morning Classes Only

This year we are trialling "Morning Classes Only", which allows dancers to attend each of the two morning classes, but precludes them from joining afternoon activities and evening social dancing. This may be attractive to dancers who live locally and are unable to participate in the entire course.

Summer School Pricing

The fees for Summer School 2017 can be found below. 

If you have any questions regarding pricing or accomodation please get in touch with Moira Thomson: 

Category             Full Fee (£)
Resident member, University Hall


Resident non-member, University Hall


Resident member, Agnes Blackadder Hall


Resident non-member, Agnes Blackadder Hall


Non-resident member


Non-resident non member


12 - 15 yrs, Week 3, resident


12 - 15 yrs, Week 3, non-resident


16 - 25 yrs, resident member, University Hall


16 - 25 yrs, resident non-member University Hall


16 - 25 yrs, Non resident member


16 - 25 yrs, Non resident, non-member


Junior Summer School (resident)


Junior Summer School (non-resident)


Morning Classes only  



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