Teaching Skills

The Society has developed guidelines for branches wishing to run Teaching Skills courses.

Guidelines to Branches Wishing to Run Teaching Skills Courses

  • Purpose
  • Aim
  • Tutor
  • Duration
  • Number of participants
  • Content
  • Practical work
  • Discussion


A revision course for teachers.


To improve the quality of instruction.


A teacher of wide and varied experience having taught all levels from beginners to very advanced and, where possible, has tutored certificate classes and prepared demonstration/festival teams.


12 hours minimum, preferably over a weekend.

Number of participants

Minimum 10, maximum 14.


The course should contain practical work and discussion.

Practical Work

The following is to be undertaken with group or individual teaching with positive critique from the tutor:

  • Identifying a logical, progressive structure in the method of teaching steps and formations.
  • Developing the powers of observation.
  • Awareness of possible faults and methods of correction.
  • Awareness of the need to identify the teaching points for each step and formation.
  • Clear and concise emphasis of teaching points with relevant skills practices.
  • Dance analysis and lesson plan.
  • Understanding and use of both live and recorded music.
  • Use of the voice.
  • Warming up/cooling down.


The practical work will involve group questions and discussion, but additional topics should include:

  • Teaching children.
  • Developing awareness of requirements for different class levels.
  • Adaptability to cope with unexpected situations.
  • Preparing a balanced dance programme.
  • The need for continual assessment.

To qualify as an approved course, a report containing a summary of the content achieved in accordance with these guidelines and the names of participants has to be submitted to the Secretary of the RSCDS.


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