Book 53 for 2023

Dance submissions for RSCDS Book 53


In 2023, the RSCDS will be marking its Centenary and we will be publishing a celebration book of dances – Book 53 in 2023. As with previous books we would like Branches to be involved in the submission and selection process.
Dances have different reasons for being popular – the ease or complexity of the formations, the music, the story behind the dance or a combination of all. Something to bear in mind when selecting your Branch dances to put forward for Book 53 in 2023.

  • Branches may submit a maximum of 3 dances – if submitting 3 dances, please ensure that they are in different tempos. The submissions can also include medleys
  • Please specify if your submitted dance(s) can be considered independently of any submitted music or whether the dance and tune have to be considered together
  • You may wish to submit a dance that was previously published locally – it could be a dance that has become popular in your area and you are keen to share it with the global dance community
  • Alternatively, the submissions can be new dances but we would prefer those that have been produced in your Branch and danced locally
  • Dances can be submitted with or without named / suggested tunes. The music should not be associated with another dance
  • Please ensure that you have permission from both the deviser and, where possible, the composer to submit the dance and the tune

Please submit your dances to

  • Your email should be titled “Submission for Book 53 in 2023”
  • Individual documents are requested for individual dances
  • Please title your documents with the dance title and your Branch name
  • Dances must come from an RSCDS Branch

The Membership Services Committee look forward to receiving your submissions by Friday 25th February 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can different branches send in dances by the same deviser? 

Yes - we realise that different Branches may have popular dances by the same deviser and are happy to accept dances by the same deviser from different Branches.

  • Will you accept hand written submissions? 

Yes - however the submission must be scanned and emailed to as we cannot accept postal submissions at this time.

  • Will you accept dances that are not 8 x 32 bars long?

Yes - the committee would love to include variety in Book 53. Dances in different formations and of differing lengths will make for an interesting book.

  • Will you accept dances from individual members?

No - for this special publication each submission must be made by an RSCDS Branch. 



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