Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer

Child Wellbeing & Protection Officer

We are pleased to introduce our newly appointed Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer, Katie Haigh

"I am very excited to be undertaking this new role for the RSCDS. Creating safe, welcoming spaces where children and young people feel valued is essential if we want them to explore, and hopefully commit to, SCD.

I started dancing (and teaching SCD) at university in St Andrews and have continued ever since in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Prague. A lot of my dance teaching experience has been with University groups which has meant being aware of and following the University wellbeing guidance. I have also supported the student committee office bearers to do this. More widely I have volunteered in a variety of roles for Dunedin Dancers, including running the Dunedin International Folk Dance Festival. This role included updating the Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policies and acting as CWP Officer.

In my professional life I am a primary school teacher and so have regular up to date training and experience in CWP. This includes supporting student and new teachers, support staff, and volunteers to understand and follow the CWP policies. I have completed training in non-directive coaching which I hope will be useful in supporting individuals and branches to develop and follow their own CWP policies.

I know there is a lot of great work being done to ensure the children and young people involved with the RSCDS are safe and having fun.  Equally I am more than aware that keeping up to date and on top of all the paperwork is a huge task. I hope this role will support that workload and allow you to focus on enjoying dancing with children and young people, knowing you have all the policies and support you need in place. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone currently involved with children and young people’s classes and events and hope to help you develop the next generation of Scottish Country Dancers."

Message from the Chairman, Lorna Ogilvie:

“We are delighted that Katie has been appointed to lead and promote child wellbeing and protection within the RSCDS. This important new role for the Society allows us to maintain our Sport Scotland accredited body status. Katie has the ideal experience and skills to deliver the necessary support and guidance to Branches and Affiliated Groups. Initially she will focus on Scottish rules and regulations but, in the future, we hope the role can also be of assistance to non-Scottish Branches.”



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