Malcolm Brown's Three Years as Education & Training Convenor

Convenor Malcolm Brown and Education and Training Committee

Brand new to the E&T committee, I was elected as the Convenor in 2016 and was joined by three new committee members. Over the course of my tenure, two of the committee were based in the USA and one in Germany.

Being Convenor of E&T is so much more than just chairing meetings. For instance, one of the main objectives of the Business plan was to review and revise the Teacher Training process.

Although it has been hard work, I have been supported by the committee members and the staff at 12 Coates Crescent, and I think we have managed to make some progress in the following areas:

  • As well as developing the Syllabus for the new Teaching Qualification we have revised some aspects of the more traditional Unit based system.

  • We have updated the DAA, and organised two training courses for assessors.

  • We have simplified the Examiner appointment system, resulting in the appointment of seven new examiners (and had three examiners resign and appointed examiner emeritus).

  • With the introduction of the new website we have updated a great deal of the E&T content, including the section relating to Questions about dances, which was needed to take account of the revised wording in the A5 compilation books.

  • We have just started work on trying to update the examination administration system to make use of the new website and database.

I hope this gives you some idea of the range of activities that we have covered in the last three years.  I expect that the new committee will be just as busy and it is gratifying to see that there are six nominations for the current four vacancies.



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