Toronto Association uses Development Fund

image of Demonstration performances at Toronto Association

Image showing Demonstration performances on Sunday 16 June, courtesy of Toronto Association. 

We would like to remind Branches that they can claim financial support from our Development Fund to promote Scottish country dancing initiatives. Please get in touch for more information.

Toronto Association have recently taken advantage of this funding available to advertise their recent demonstration performances at the Brigadoon Shaw Festival on Sunday 16 June.

This was a great example of the Scottish country dancing community coming together to offer donations to support the Toronto Association in securing the advertisement in the Shaw Festival brochure. There were a great number of donations received from different groups such as Toronto, St. Catharines and Montreal Associations and individual members from Kingston, Toronto, St. Catharines and Buffalo. Indeed, one of the members of the Toronto Association Outreach and Marketing Committee paid a generous donation of $500 (£285), recognising the Shaw Festival as an ideal advertising opportunity to recruit new members from a readership interested in theatre, opera, light music, art and literature. As a result, of this advert, dance will now be added to the list of entertainment on offer at the festival.

Former Marketing Director, Lyn Barsevskis of the Toronto Association highlighted the necessity of raising public awareness and recruiting more members, stating: “We are at a critical time with Scottish Country Dancing.  We need new members.  We need exposure.  It is no longer a local group of people that get together in a local church hall or school for free.  Churches and schools are now charging regular rents to our Scottish Country Dance groups.  And advertising costs money”.

While placing an advertisement is costly, other Branches and groups can benefit from this initiative, Lyn Barsevskis explains, “Although we came up with the idea it is not Toronto centric.  It is international!  We all need new members.  This is an opportunity to reach people of all ages that love dance, music and things Scottish!...When people are aware then they can participate.  If they don’t know about Scottish Country Dancing then they won’t.  We all stand to benefit from this endeavour!”

Our Development Fund supported Toronto Association in securing an advertisement in the Shaw Festival brochure, a publication that reaches 500,000 people and attracts an international audience.

There are plenty of ways to promote upcoming Scottish country dancing activities and festivals including social media, advertisements and collaboration with other Branches and groups. Please let us know how we can support your efforts and continue to share news and information of special events and activities.

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