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Berks/Hants/Surrey Border

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The Berkshire/Hampshire/Surrey Border Branch covers the area between Oxford, London and Winchester branches, and acts as a liaison point for the many Scottish Country Dancing clubs within that area.

This region enjoys an active programme of dancing events, which the Branch helps to promote. The Branch also runs classes and an annual Day School for both dancers and musicians.

We organise two social dances to recorded music, one in the autumn at the start of the season, and one between Christmas and New Year. In May we hold a Ball, our AGM is followed by dancing to live music and the season finishes with a summer Tea Party with ceilidh items and dancing suitable for friends and family. From the middle of June until the end of August we run a weekly social dancing session in Camberley, when most of the local clubs are closed for the summer.

All our functions enable members of individual clubs to meet and dance together. In March we also host a meeting for the club secretaries and chairmen so that they can share ideas and discuss any issues that concern them.

The Branch also periodically organises Teacher Training Courses.

Our ‘Branch News' comes out three times a year to publicise upcoming events and contains photos and articles of interest to our community. It is distributed to all the members in our area.

Our website publicises Scottish Country Dancing to potential new dancers, and provides information about clubs and classes. The website also features flyers and details for upcoming events plus cribs with video links thanks to the Scottish Country Dance Database

We are keen to promote young dancers, and we now have a young committee member whose role will be to encourage young people in the area to become involved with SCD.

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