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CHELTENHAM SCOTTISH SOCIETY meets Fridays all year round, and average just over 3 sets. We dance 12 dances with a brief walk-through. At club nights we introduce new interesting dances, which may be taken into our repertoire if they are popular. We do not have a beginners’ class, but beginners do come, and we help them with constant encouragement and they stay forever.
We organise two major social events each year, and we take great care to devise programmes of well known and familiar dances. We want to ensure that every dance is known by everyone. There are no challenges, no brain strain, no walk-throughs, just a river of enjoyment. The ticket we sell looks like paper, but that is an illusion. We are really selling atmosphere. Enjoyment is what it is all about. No one here writes dances to add to the already overstocked pool.
Our main dance in February begins with the Grand March to the pipes of Cheltenham St. Andrews Pipe Band, and we have been incredibly fortunate to dance to Iain MacPhail and His Scottish Dance Band for the last 12 years. Generally we get 12 sets which fills the hall.
Our Summer Dance in June is in a smaller hall which holds 7 sets. This year we danced to Marian Anderson and Max Ketchin, and tickets sold out six weeks ahead. We may look for a bigger hall for next year!
It is important for dancers to support each other’s events, and we often have a large group travelling to support other clubs’ dances. With the aim of encouraging others to do the same we publish and distribute a Dance Diary of all events in this area.

Note that Cheltenham Scottish Society is under the presidency of the Earl of Weymss & March

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