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6 weeks Beginners Course starts Sunday 22.5.2022 at 6pm at Oddfellows Hall, 15 Parkshot TW9 2RG at Chiswick Scottish Country Dance Club

Summer 2022 - Dancing on Sunday evenings at Oddfellows Hall, 15 Parkshot, TW9 2RG.

Beginners 6pm - Intermediates 7pm - Advanced 8pm - 9pm.

On Sunday 22. May 2022 our new BEGINNERS COURSE (6 weeks) will start at 6pm. From 7pm INTERMEDIATES continue dancing and the last hour is for those dancers, who want to be challenged by complex formations, speed of thinking and covering as a team. Contact Iris for details: 07767 842 670 or email:

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It may well change your life!

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