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The Society here on the Isle of Wight was formed over 50 years ago and many of the original members are still dancing today. The venues have changed over time as the Society has grown and today's venue has an excellent hall that can hold five sets (eight/ten to a set), or more, with a bit of a squeeze, on a busy night.

A warm welcome to everyone who would like to join us in traditional Scottish Country Dancing, Walks and Social Occasions.

All are welcome no matter what your age or experience; we have members in their eighties who still dance, new members who have taken up dancing when retirement provided them with the time to try something new, and youngsters in their twenties looking for something different.

You don't have to be Scottish to join, neither do you have to commit yourself to full membership straight away; come as a guest and see for yourself how relaxed, friendly and informal we are.

If you are a complete beginner then do not think you have to go to great expense to buy equipment i.e. kilts etc. However, it is helpful, though not essential, to purchase a pair of soft soled dancing shoes.

We have two qualified dance teachers who keep us all on our toes with new and revived dances, so we are never bored.

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