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RSCDS London Canada Branch

The London Canada Branch is located in London, Ontario, Canada. Situated in the heart of southwestern Ontario, London is a major city midway between Toronto and Windsor, Ontario. The Branch was established in 1961 as a way for both emigrated Scots and others to enjoy friendship while keeping Scottish traditions alive through music and dance.

The London Canada Branch currently has 68 active members, ranging from beginners to advanced dancers. There are currently no youth members in our group.

Teaching classes are held from September to May on Wednesdays from 7:00-9:30. They take a progressive format during the night, starting with basic steps and formations followed by intermediate and advanced formations and dances. The Branch holds introductory classes for four weeks each September to attract new members.

A social class is also held on Fridays from 7:30-9:30 for members with at least one year of experience where dances are enjoyed in a social setting.

Monthly dances take place throughout the year. An annual Christmas dance and Ball (both with live music) and a Workshop are held. During the summer, one night of dancing is offered in June, July and August.

Members receive a Branch newsletter four times per year to keep them aware of upcoming events within the London Branch and at many out-of-town branches and affiliated groups.

Whether you’re within the London area or visiting from afar, we welcome you to come and dance with us. We have a proud reputation of being a very welcoming and hospitable group.

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June 2018

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