Junior Summer School

Junior Summer School (JSS) is a great week of dancing and fun activities for young children.

It is a dance school with the majority of time spent learning to dance for fun, fitness, and understanding of the steps and formations of Scottish Country Dances. In addition to dancing the young people participate in arts and crafts, with snacks included in the session (we can accommodate for any allergies). The week culminates in a special Ceilidh performed by the JSS attendees in front of the whole Summer School!

Who can come?

We accept any young person between the ages of 7 and 11, with or without any previous dancing experience. They must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who is responsible for the young people outside the designated dance sessions.

For those aged 12 and older we encourage you to join the Summer School program as part of the youth class!

What will you do?

The young people are dropped off at the designated hall in the town of St. Andrews any time after 9:00am and picked up after 12:30pm. Parents attending Summer School can go to their own classes and pick up the young people afterwards. 

For those on-the-go parents, JSS is also a great alternative to daycare!

The young people will learn some of the more popular Scottish Country Dances, and depending on ability, there are opportunities available to take a Medal Test. They will also have fun playing games, engaging in arts & crafts and singing along to songs. 

Throughout the week they will practice for a demonstration, with a performance at the Friday night Ceilidh in front of the whole school! The young people can also come along to all the nightly dances with an arrival Ceilidh on Sunday night focused on fun for the children.  

The children are invited to the Younger Hall dance on the Thursday evening for the first hour where appropriate dances are selected so they can participate. Please note that as this is a formal ball, the young people must be under the supervision of their parent or guardian.




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