Virtual Festival

Virtual Festival 2020

Branches from around the world have gathered (online and in-person), and wow, they have come up with some lovely surprises. All entries were imaginative, creative and lots of fun to watch!

With their journey to all the locations they were planning to go in 2020, Lyon Branch won the popular vote. The winners of the under 16s category are Moscow’s Deer O’Dale dancers with their beautifully danced and presented display “The Scots and the Vikings”.

Congratulations to both winners and thank you everyone for joining the Virtual Festival 2020!

Lyon winners:


Moscow winners:



What is the Virtual Festival? (Competition now closed for new entries)

The Virtual Festival is a competition organised by the Youth Services Committee and we invite RSCDS Branches and Affiliated Groups to enter from anywhere in the world. 

We want you to choreograph a dance (made up mostly of Scottish Country Dance steps and formations) using RSCDS published music.  But it’s not just any dance - we are looking for creative interpretations of the theme “A Scottish Celebration”.

Take part

Film it!  Any number of dancers is fine, (it could be just one person along with toys, props or pets) and under 18s must have the permission of a parent/guardian. 

Immerse us in a world of Scottish culture! Think about location, outfits and your dance film’s story. Look to historic, contemporary or natural influences for inspiration. This year has come up with an extra challenge - to keep to physical distancing rules, think of cutting multiple dance videos into one, use props or cardboard cut outs...we are already curious to see your creative solutions!

This year there will be 2 entry categories:

  • Under 16s
  • Mixed Ages

There will also be special awards including:

  • People’s Choice
  • Best Team Effort
  • Best adaptation for physical distancing
The dos & don'ts
  • Competition open to RSCDS Branches & Affiliated Groups (not all dancers in the team have to be members) 
  • Dances must be mostly made up of Scottish Country Dance steps and formations
  • You must use RSCDS copyrighted music (or obtain signed permission from the music creator, if non-RSCDS)
  • Videos can be up to 6 minutes long
  • Teams can be made up of any number of dancers, including just one; you may also use props to adapt to the rules of physical distancing
  • Under 18s must have the permission of a parent/guardian to take part

Download and share the competition flyer to get your friends on board!


Don’t worry about your filming skills, as this will not be part of the judging criteria. The video must be clear, with good audio – think about using a camera on a tripod or a high quality smart phone with an extremely steady hand! Videos should be no more than six minutes long.

Videos can be submitted in two ways:

Send a physical copy of the video on a USB stick to the RSCDS Office at Coates Crescent.  Please note that we will be unable to return these to you, unless supplied with a stamped addressed envelope.  Alternatively they can be picked up from our office.

Send videos digitally to  We recommend sharing these with us via a link to cloud storage (such as Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive) or using a file sharing website such as WeTransfer (you can send up to 2GB of files for free).

Applications for 2020 are now closed.


Please be aware that when you are choosing the music for your video you need to be mindful of the copyright and performing rules which govern the uploading of material to YouTube - this is where we will be hosting the Virtual Festival submissions. The RSCDS has already given you permission to use any material that has been produced by the Society. For any other recordings that you may wish to use you should seek permission from the owners of the recording before submitting your entry and complete the music permissions section on the application form. If you have any questions then contact us at

We've compiled a list of suggested tunes created by the RSCDS that you can use for your Virtual Festival video - all tunes are available as digital downloads via the shop.



We will have three judges who will watch all entries and give each a score. The videos with the highest score in each category will win!  The judging will take place over Global Youth Week, 10th - 17th October 2020 during which all entries will be available on YouTube.  You decide on the People’s Choice Award by voting for your favourite!

The winning teams will be announced at the RSCDS AGM on 7th November 2020.  The winning teams will receive a trophy, with each participating Branch or Affiliated Group being awarded a certificate.

Previous Virtual Festivals

For 2018 we asked Branches & Groups to get a group of dancers together to perform a unique dance based on the theme 'Around the World'. The routine was to be mostly made up of Scottish Country Dance steps and formations, but giving it some exotic flair! We wanted the dances, surroundings and costumes to reflect and enhance the theme – groups were inspired to do something a little different.

The 2018 winner!

Buenos Aires Scottish Country Dancers won in 2018 with their tango-inspired choreography. You can view their submission by heading to our official YouTube channel or by clicking the video below.

The 2018 submissions

We received 15 submissions from across the world that are now available to watch on our official YouTube channel. Branches & Groups as far away as Buenos Aires, Cape Town and Calgary participated and we are pleased to share them with the world!

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