Become an assessor

All the dancing skills assessments require assessors. Becoming such an assessor is something that may interest experienced teachers and the RSCDS is keen to encourage them, providing courses and information accessible through the website.

DAA assessor

Dancers can have the standard of their own dancing assessed by taking a short course of preparatory lessons and taking the Dancing Achievement Award. The dancing is assessed by two experienced teachers or DAA assessors. At the moment the criteria for the senior of the two assessors is that they must be an examiner, a Medal Test assessor or an adjudicator, but in the future we intend to run special online training courses.

Medal Test assessor

The RSCDS holds Medal Tests for children and young people so that they can have the standard of their dancing assessed. From time to time the RSCDS organises special courses to train the people who assess the standard they have achieved: Medal Test assessors.

To apply to become an assessor and take one of these courses, or to express your interest if a course is not being currently planned, please visit the Assessor form page and use the form to get in touch with the Committee (you must be logged in to the website in order to view the page).

Please contact the RSCDS office if you require any further information.

Currently no courses are being planned. 

From time to time the RSCDS runs courses to train and appoint adjudicators for competitive and other festivals. As soon as a course is being planned you will be able to apply by visiting the Assessor form page.



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