Publication updates

RSCDS publications, such as The Manual and dance books, are constantly being revised and updated. New revised print editions are produced at long intervals but in the interim, updates are posted on the website to download and add to your paper copy. Some are displayed on this page itself; many more are presented as downloadable files accessible from this page.

Dance revisions

The Membership Services Committee have produced a written Dance Revision Policy (September 2014) explaining how and why they make changes to dances.

Current and future corrections to dances are listed on this page.

The updated appendix pages of the Manual (January 2016) are now available for download here. 

Oh, whistle and I'll come tae ye, my Lad (Book 24, no.6)

Correction to Fig. 2

The Star (Book 28, No. 4)

The source given in Book 28 (1977 edition) was the Hilton manuscript. We have been unable to trace a source of that name. The Star, which appears in the Hill Manuscript, has clear similarities with The Star in Book 28. It appears likely that the source may have been the Hill Manuscript. It is our policy to include only a source which is verifiable and so no source will be quoted in further editions of Book 28.

The Diamond Jubilee (p.9)

Bars 9-16: "On bar 16, 4th couple do not pass each other" should read "On bar 16, 4th couple do not pass 1st couple".


Mr. Robert H Mackay (p.82)

Bars 17-20: "1st and 3rd couple dances a half poussette" should read "3rd and 1st couple dance a half poussette".

Newburgh Jig (no. 1)

The first three notes of the music are incorrect and should be as Bar 5


The Rutland Reel (no. 2)

Download Iain MacPhail's original arrangement of the tune Miss Mary Printy.


MacLeod's Wedding (no. 15):

Bars 37-40 should read '...except that 3rd couple, passing 2nd man [not 5th man] by the left...'. The diagram has been corrected accordingly.

The first print run of Book 49 and The Revised Graded Book omitted the following acknowledgement:

"Diagrams by Keith Rose, based upon the notion system developed by F L Pilling and successors, the RSCDS thanks F L Pilling's successors for their assistance in reviewing the diagrams for the appendix".

The Compleat Gardener

Amendment to the diagram.

Miss Gibson's Strathspey

Bars 17-24 should end ' finish in the middle of the set, facing opposite sides.'


The Colonel

Bars 25-26 should read '...pass by the right to face first corners.'


Cuillins of Skye

At the end of Bar 20, 1st couple finish in second place on own sides.

The version of West's Blue Bonnets on page 4 is missing the steps 4,5 & 6.

Loch Ness Monster (no. 9)

Bars 25-32 should read "All four couples repeat bars 9-16 in reverse, i.e. 1st man, followed by his partner, casts up one place as 4th woman, followed by her partner, casts off one place to finish all in original places, 1st and 3rd couples facing down and 2nd and 4th couples facing up."

Follow my Love (no. 14)

It was devised by Freda Sattler and not by John Bayly.

Below you will find updated scores, following typos for Book 52. 

St Margaret's Loch (4.10) was devised by Margaret Darnell.



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