Train & assess the teachers

As teachers become more experienced they can wish to do more than just teach. There are a number of roles that need to be filled, and the Society often organises courses and assembles information that can be accessed through the website.

The following are some of the different roles which may be of interest to experienced teachers.


People training to become teachers by taking the Teaching Certificate undertake a period of teaching practice (Unit 4) under the guidance of an experienced SCD teacher, their ‘mentor’. There is no formal process for becoming a mentor but the RSCDS provides considerable guidance to anyone called upon to take on this role.

Find out more about Mentoring

How to become a tutor

Tutors are responsible for teaching candidates for the Teaching Certificate Units 2, 3 and 5. In theory there are no restrictions on who can become a tutor, although obviously at the very least it should be somebody who has either been recently through the current Teaching Certificate process or is a very experienced teacher. However, from time to time the Society runs special training courses for prospective tutors, and it is advisable that teachers undertake one of these courses before they actually tutor.

There are a number of useful documents on tutoring. For more information consult the tutoring page. 

Visit the Tutor Page


As part of the current Teacher Training process candidates are assessed by examiners who are appointed by the Society after obtaining sufficient experience. The minimum requirement is to have tutored candidates for the exams, and to have had the full Teaching Certificate for at least 10 years. 

The Scheme for Developing Experience of Potential Examiners has been devised to give teachers with the potential to be examiners opportunities to gain experience at Summer School - mainly that of tutoring - that they may not be able to gain locally. The scheme is similar to a scholarship award. To apply, please complete the application form (ES - 42) by 31st August of the year prior to the relevant Summer School attendance.


CTQ assessors

As part of the new Core Teaching Qualification (CTQ) we will require assessors – at the moment we have not decided how they will be trained or appointed. Please watch this space for details once the information becomes available.

Assessor or adjudicator

Information on becoming a Medal Test or DAA assessor or an adjudicator can be found on the assessor page. 

Assessor Page



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