Primary School Accreditation

Welcome to the Primary School Accreditation Programme page! Here you can find information and guidance on the scheme as well as downloadable resources.

The programme is intended: 

  • To encourage schools to dance at festivals and social gatherings
  • To encourage Scottish Country Dancing in primary schools
  • To reward schools for their commitment to Scottish Country Dancing
  • To enable teachers to commit to Scottish Country Dancing
The Primary School Accreditation Programme is an exciting new initiative for primary schools to learn Scottish Country Dances at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.
  • Are you looking for a programme of Scottish dancing?
  • Does your school do Scottish Dancing?
  • Do you want to be rewarded for it?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you should become part of the RSCDS Accreditation Programme!

To find out more about the scheme, download the Dance Accreditation information pack (there is also a black and white version available that is suitable for printing in portrait).

When you are ready to proceed with your Accreditation Programme application, please download the relevant Bronze, Silver or Gold form and return it to the RSCDS office. Forms are available for download below.

The scheme can be used in conjunction with 'Jigs & Reels'; a book of dances which includes two CDs and a DVD, and links in directly with the Curriculum for Excellence. You can buy the book online from our shop here.

Frequently asked questions & forms

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The aim of the schools accreditation programme is to encourage schools to participate in Ceilidh and Scottish Country Dancing using the 'Jigs and Reels' pack. Schools will be rewarded with certificates at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels depending on the level of commitment, and the pupils will receive a pin badge at the appropriate level.  

Hopefully, schools will then get their children to participate in the RSCDS Medal Tests and dance at local festivals.

The scheme is designed for schools but organisations will not be excluded from participating. 

Schools can get information from the following sources:

  • The RSCDS website
  • Flyers sent around schools
  • Local RSCDS Branches
  • Phone the RSCDS Office: 0131 225 3854
  • Email:

Schools can start any time they like. It is recommended though that someone associated with the school attends a CPD course first. However, it is not necessary if the school has bought a 'Jigs & Reels' pack.

Purchase a 'Jigs & Reels' pack and get going!

Scottish Country Dancing fulfils all of the aims of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and it will match similar aims in the curriculum of schools and educators anywhere. It develops teamwork, co-operation, health and fitness, active learning and is just all around fun!



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