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Standard pewter quaich, 90MM with an engraving on the inner bowl and the RSCDS crest on the base. The quaich has celtic details on the handles, a bright polished finish and is packed in a lined presentation box with “the quaich” story card included.
Quaich is a Scots rendering of the Gaelic word “cuach”, meaning a cup. The quaich has a special place in the heart of all who know its history and is a prized possession of those with an association with Scotland. It is known for its traditional use as a visitor’s welcome or farewell cup, and this quaich has kept the simple but beautiful shape and friendly purpose.

“And it’s happy on the hairst when at set of sun

the merry reaper

Keeps the reel a-lilting gaily round in darkness

ever deeper

Till in dreams the music streams and still it seems

to every sleeper

Sill the nimble feet obey the wild old tune.”

W.H. Hamilton (An Eightsome Reel)



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