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Book 2


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First published in 1925, Book 2 contains detailed instructions for 12 dances with full piano scores for the original tunes.

La Tempete (The Tempest) (R, Round room, 48)
The Bumpkin or Ninesome Reel (J, Special 224)
The Glasgow Highlanders (S, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
Speed the Plough or Inverness Country Dance (R, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
The Perth Medley (M, 4 cpl longwise, 64)
The Soldier`s Joy (R, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
The Princess Royal (R, 4 cpl longwise ,28 )
Greig`s Pipes or Cameronian Rant (S, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
Delvine Side (S, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
The Bob o`Dowally (S, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
The Haymakers (J, 4 cpl longwise, 48)
The Eightsome Reel (R, 4 cpl square, 464)

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