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Book 51


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First published in 2017, the Book 51 contains 12 dances with diagrams and the full piano scores. The music was arranged by Ian R Muir.

The Edinburgh Toy Store (J 8 x 32)
The Somerset Children’ Reel (R 8 x 32)
Save the Children (S 8 x 32)
Fair Enough (J 4 x 32)
Summer on the Beach (R 4 x 32)
And for the Young Ones (J 4 x 32)
Holyrood Strathspey (S 8 x 32)
New Year Jig (J 8 x 32)
Hello-Goodbye (S 8 x 32)
Pluto’s Head (R 8 x 32)
Come What May (J 8 x 32)
Bohemian Reflections (R 8 x 32)

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  1. Tina Hughes

    I like this book and want to learn ‘Fair Enough’

  2. Tina Hughes

    I like this book and can learn dance from this book.

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