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The Scotia Suite of Scottish Country Dances


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This newly reprinted publication of Scotia Suite comprises seven dances by Roy Goldring . This reprint of 2010 edition celebrates the centenary of the Scotia Expedition to Antarctica led by William Speirs Bruce, with music composed and arranged by Muriel Johnstone. Published by The Royal Scottish Geographical Society in collaboration with The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.

Antarctica Bound (J, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
Scotia Sea (R, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
The Ice Cap (S, 4 cpl square, 96)
Coats Land (J, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
Bruce`s Men (S, 3 cpl longwise, 32)
The Piper and the Penguin (R, 4 cpl square, 88)
Speirs Bruce, the Pole Star (J, 4 cpl longwise, 32)

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