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A Guide to SCD (Collins) vol 1


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Music For A Guide To Scottish Country Dancing Volume 1 Ceilidh Dances: The first of three CDs recorded to accompany the Guide to Scottish Country Dancing book (former Collins). This volume focuses on Scottish Ceilidh Dances and contains 28 tracks for all ages and all occasions:

Blue Bell Polka
Boston Two Step
Britannia Two Step
Canadian Barn Dance
Circle Waltz
Elephant Walk
Eva Three Step
Friendly Waltz
Gay Gordons
Highland Schottische
La Va
Lambeth Walk
Lomond Waltz
Military Two Step
Mississippi Dip
Palais Glide
Pride of Erin Waltz
St Bernard`s Waltz
Sheena`s Saunter
The Social Swing
Stern Polka
The Suzuki Circle
Swedish Masquerade
Virginia Reel
Dunnet Head
Auld land Syne

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