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CD Book 12


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Canadian-based Bobby Brown and his Band come in to this recording with strict tempo renditions of some classic dances. Not to be missed, as Bobby Brown and his Band do an incredible job with some old favourites.

Grant’s Rant (8×48 Reel)
Green grow the Rashes / John Black’s Daughter (8×32 Strathspey)
Jenny dang the Weaver / Musselborough (8×32 Reel)
Laird of Dumbiedyke’s Favourite (8×40 Reel)
Fiddle Faddle (8×32 Strathspey)
Kiss me quick, my Mither’s coming / Bonny Jocky (8×32 Reel)
Yellow-Haired Laddie (2×64 Minuet, Half Length)
Reel of Glamis / The Clever Lad (8×32 Strathspey)
Sodger Laddie (8×32 Jig)
Black Dance (8×32 Reel)
Earl of Home (8×32 Strathspey)
Machine without Horses (8×32 Jig)

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