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CD Book 50

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Book 50

CD Book 50 is the music to accompany Book 50. With 13 Scottish Country Dances and 3 tunes recorded by Scott Band and his Scottish Dance Band, this is a book that is quickly making its ways on to programmes around the world.

The Spring Fling Reel Reel (8 x 40)
Les Remparts de Seville Jig (8 x 32)
There’s Something about Thirty Strathspey (3 x 32)
192 Miles Home Jig (4 x 48)
The Doonhamer Delight Reel (6 x 32)
Continental Waltz (Band) Continental Waltz (4+196 bars)
Mathilde is a Delight Strathspey (3 x 32)
The Wandering Wallaby Jig (4 x 32)
Double Trouble Triangles Reel (4 x 48)
Shadow Jig (3 x 32)
Polka (Band) Polka (4+124 bars)
A Trip to Applecross Reel (6 x 32)
Dancing Spirit Jig (8 x 32)
La Baratte Your Way Home Reel (4 x40)
Odd Thoughts (Miss Milligan’s Miscellany) Strathspey (8 x 32)
Retreat March Medley (Band) Marches (96+64 bars)

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