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CD Book 2


Following on from re-recording CD Book 1, Bobby Crowe and his Scottish Dance Band return with music to accompany Book 2, with Colin Dewar’s Scottish Dance Band popping up at the end for the Eightsome Reel.


1      LA TEMPETE (Reel, 4 x 48, 3:22)

La Tempête (Aird’s Collection), Pringle’s Quickstep (Trad.), French Air (Trad.)

2      THE BUMPKIN or NINESOME REEL (Jig, 224 bars, 3:52)

The Bumpkin(Trad), Captain White (Trad.) The Harmonica (Trad.)

3      THE GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS (Strathspey, 8 x 32, 7:37)

The Glasgow Highlanders (Trad.), John MacAlpine (Trad.), Jessie Smith (Trad.), Miss Lyall (Trad.)

4    SPEED THE PLOUGH (Reel, 8 x 32, 4:34)       

Speed the Plough (Trad.), Geordie MacLeish (Trad.), Pretty Peggy (Trad.), The Hurdle Race (Trad.)

5      THE PERTH MEDLEY (Medley, 8 x 32R + 32S. 12:23)         

Perth Hunt (Magdalina Stirling of Ardoch), Highland Whisky (Trad.), Lady Mary Stopford (Trad.), Miss Stewart of Grantully(Trad.)

6     THE SOLDIER’S JOY (Reel, 8 x 32, 4:31)

The Soldier’s Joy (Trad.), The Fair Maid of Perth (Trad.), Waverley Steps (Trad.), Victoria Hornpipe (Trad.)

7      THE PRINCESS ROYAL (Reel, 8 x 28, 3:58)               

The Princess Royal (Trad.),    Colonel Hamilton of Pencaitland  (Trad.) The Earl of Dalhousie’s Happy Return to Scotland (Trad.)

8      GREIG’S PIPES / The Cameronian Rant (Strathspey, 8 x 32, 7:59)

Greig’s Pipes(Neil. Stewart), Daft Willie Dawson (Trad.), Tom Dey (Trad.), The Braes of Mar (Trad.),

9      DELVINESIDE (Strathspey, 8 x 32, 7:54)

Delvine Side (Daniel (Donald) Dow), Lady Ann Hope (Trad.),Lady Carmichael (Trad.)

10    THE BOB O’DOWALLY (Strathspey, 8 x 32, 7:59)

The Bob o’Dowally (Trad.), Roderick MacDonald  (Trad.),  Aspen Bank (Trad.)

11    THE HAYMAKERS (Jig, 4 x 48, 3:18)

The Haymakers (Trad.), John Grumlie (Trad.), Lady Charlotte Bruce’s Favourite (Trad.)

12    THE EIGHTSOME REEL (Reel, 40+(8×48)+40, 8:25)

De’il Amang the Tailors (Trad.),  The Waves of Tory  (Trad.), Lovely Polly Stewart (Trad.), Chinese Dance (Trad.), Lady McKenzie of Coull  (Trad.),  Goodnight and Joy be with You (Trad.), St Columba’s Sword (Trad.), Willie Anderson’s Farewell to Dalharn (Bell), The Dawn Express (Trad.)


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