Book 52 is the latest RSCDS publication. The dances come from devisers in England, Germany, Japan, Scotland and the United States, and include several formations making their first appearance in a RSCDS publication.

  • City Lights, jig
  • The Ullapool Ferry, Reel
  • Slytherin House, Strathspey
  • Forty and Counting, Reel
  • The Scallywag, Jig
  • Ruby Wilkinson’s Farewell to Cranshaws, Strathspey
  • Farewell to Balfour Road, Jig
  • Ysobel Stewart of Fish Hoek, Strathspey
  • The Aviator, Jig
  • Triple Happiness, Strathspey
  • The Bon Viveur, Medley
  • Trip to Timber Ridge, Reel
  • The companion CD Recorded by Jim Lindsay and his Scottish Dance Band is available to purchase now.



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