AGM & Conference Weekend 2017

Booking is now open for this year's Conference Weekend at the Bell's Sports Centre in Perth from Friday 3rd November to Sunday 5th November.

In addition to the dances, classes and our Annual General Meeting, the Weekend will include some extra events to provide members with more information and to develop the profile of the RSCDS among the public at large. Click here to view the weekend's programme

Classes, Conferences & Dances

The Weekend will start with a Teaching Conference, and on Friday evening there will be a country dance in the Main Arena and a ceilidh dance in the Coaching Hall. Dancers with a ticket for the country dance will be free to move between the two halls.

Playing for Friday's dance will be Scott Band and his Scottish Dance Band; please click here for the dance programme and here for the cribs.

The Open Forum on Saturday morning will be aimed at Delegates, Branch Reps and Committee Members. There will also be updates on the new RSCDS website and the Basic Teaching Qualifications, as well as a country dance class. During lunch time our youth demonstration team will be performing in the town, and throughout the day exhibits from our Archives will be on display at the Bell's Centre.

The AGM will be held as usual on Saturday afternoon, but this year the Scoll of Honour presentations will held at the Civic Reception immediately prior to the Ball in the evening.

Playing for the ball on Saturday will be Colin Dewar and his Scottish Dance Band; please click here for the dance programme and here for the cribs.

Saturday's class will be taught by Andrew Nolan, accompanied by George Meikle.

Members of the Board & Management Committees will be meeting on Sunday morning, while at the same time there will be a presentation on Scottish dance music in the Coaching Hall. The Weekend will conclude with a country dance class.

Sunday's class will be taught by David Queen, accompanied by Rodger McAndrew.

Some of these events are free, and you can buy tickets for dances and classes individually, or a combined ticket for all dances and classes costs £50. In order to book your ticket please click on the Book Now button below.

Please remember, we always need volunteers to help run things over the weekend. If you can spare any time, please add your details to the section for volunteers on the booking page.




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