Classes & Dancing

(Younger Hall)

Classes leading to the RSCDS Teachers Certificate are offered over 2 weeks.  A pass in Units 1, 2 & 3 or at Preliminary Test level is required for entry to the course for Unit 5. Classes will take place during both the morning and afternoon. The examination for Unit 2 will take place in the first week of the course and for Unit 3 in the second week of the course. Examination fees must be paid along with your residence fees.


Classes leading to the RSCDS Dancing Achievement Awards dates are announced on the booking page, and they tend to happen over the course of three weeks. The minimum number of attendees for each class is 8 and the maximum is 16.


If you wish to be part of one of these courses, please contact HQ to obtain the relevant syllabus, the latest edition of the Manual of Scottish Country Dancing and an application form.

If you require the services of a translator, please contact HQ for advice as soon as possible.

If there are insufficient dancers for any course, you may be asked to attend during alternative weeks. 


Class Standards

The class selector is designed to assist you in selecting the class most appropriate to your ability. It is for everyone’s benefit that dancers are allocated to the most suitable class - everyone gets better enjoyment and progress can be smoother.  Please think carefully before completing the application form. If you are in any doubt apply for a lower class. The Schools Director, Depute Directors and/or class teachers reserve the right to request you relocate to a more suitable class.


Please ensure that you are physically fit to attend your chosen class, remembering that, during one week, you will be required to participate actively in two classes each morning for six days.

If you are coming for the first time, it is helpful to seek advice from your local teacher. You will find the classes more enjoyable and be more comfortable if you choose a class which is appropriate for your standard of dancing and knowledge of the dances.


For qualified teachers and very advanced dancers who can no longer sustain a high level of performance or who have sustained an injury, we offer the low impact class.  For this, you will have an in-depth knowledge, understanding and experience of the dance but may not be able to participate as fully as you would wish. A Social dancing skills class is offered for those dancers who have not reached very advanced level and who do not hold the RSCDS Teaching Certificate, and who are unable to sustain the pace of a normal advanced class or who simply want to improve their social dancing skills. Please note this class content may include some social and party dances and some elements of technique. The Social Skills class will NOT teach the dances from the evening social dance programmes


There is further information on all classes in the class selector.

Dress Code

Attendees are expected to wear clothing that is acceptable for dancing and physical exertion. As this is a school in which you will be dancing each day, clothing should be comfortable and allow you to participate in all activities. At social dancing, a more formal attire would be appreciated.

Social Dancing

There is social dancing for all dancers attending Summer School on most evenings.  This is held in University Hall and/or elsewhere. The programmes and crib sheets are available via the website before you arrive at St Andrews. There is a ceilidh each Friday evening in which you may wish to participate.

Every Thursday there are public dances in the Younger Hall. Tickets for these can be obtained only from RSCDS Headquarters and you are encouraged to apply early. On these evenings there is social dancing in the Common Room at University Hall where an alternative programme of dances will be offered.


Branches and Groups nearby also offer opportunities for social dancing during Summer School and details will be available at Summer School.   


There are several venues around St. Andrews that host classes and dancing, and they are all within a short walk of University Hall. Upon arrival there will be maps available if you like and if you do get lost, just look for some dancers, there are bound to plenty out and about! Below are some pictures of only a few venues you will enjoy during your time in St. Andrews.

Memorial Hall

University Hall

Holy Trinity Hall


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