Committee Vacancies

In the April Branch mailing we provided information on Committee vacancies for 2017, and have realised there were some errors present in the RSCDS office version. To correct what went out to Branches and in the magazine we will make an amendment on the website, and will repeat this amendment in the next Branch mailing and in any subsequent mail shots about elections and the AGM.

For the Membership Services vacancies we will advertise for ordinary committee members 2x (3 years) instead of the 1x (3 years) previously circulated. This is of course in addition to the already advertised post of Convenor-elect for MS.

For the Management Board vacancies we refer to the following extract from the RSCDS Rules & Procedures:

(a) One-third of the ordinary members of the Management Board and each Management Committee, or as near one-third as practical, will stand down each year. Elections will be held annually to fill the resulting vacancies.

(b) Elections will also be held, if required, for ordinary members to serve for one or two years, to fill any other vacancies on the Management Board and Management Commimttees.

Therefore we are asking for:

3x (3 years) and 2x (1 year), which will maintain the pattern described by the Rules & Procedures. This means in 2018 those standing down include the Chairman, possibly the Treasurer, 2 out of 3 Convenors and 3 Trustees. In 2019 those standing down will include 3 Trustees and the remaining Convenor.


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