Jean Milligan Memorial Fund (JMMF)

The Jean Milligan Memorial Fund (JMMF) was set up in 1978 in honour of the Society’s founder. The intention was to use the funds for the work of the Society worldwide and initial suggestions were made that it should be used to fund more scholarships, including music scholarships. Since its inauguration, bequests to the fund have increased the capital considerably and the fund will remain a memorial to Jean Milligan in perpetuity.

Currently, the JMMF is used for scholarships (for Summer School, Spring Fling, and for worldwide scholarships up to £1000 per annum), supporting Branch teaching events and other activities that promote Scottish Country Dancing and its development; plus the International Teacher Development Fund (administered by Education & Training Committee). In 2009, the Management Board agreed that the Society should be more proactive in its use of the JMMF to both further the aims of the Society and support its objectives.

The key changes to the process are:

a) All applicants must complete an Application Form (please get in touch with Headquarters for more details)

b) New Guidelines to help applicants

c) Three closing dates each year for the receipt of applications


d) Pre-application advice available from the Society

e) All applications should demonstrate links to the Society's Strategic Plan - see Guidelines


f) All successful applicants will be required to provide the Society with a brief synopsis of how the funding has helped their event


g) Information on the use of the fund and what was spent each year will be published on the Society website, with a summary of the projects approved


Applications should be sent to:

Sandra Parish (Office & Finance Manager) or post to RSCDS, 12 Coates Crescent, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH3 7AF

Applicants for scholarships (Summer School, Spring Fling, etc.) should complete the appropriate application forms, which have their own deadlines quite separate from those for JMMF applications. See Courses - Scholarship page.

The JMMF continues to be available to support Scottish Country Dancing events across the world.


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