Member Benefits

RSCDS members play a valuable role in helping to establish a legacy for future generations. 

Membership fees help the Society to train teachers, continue its work with schools and young people, run and administer examinations and produce recordings and printed material to complement those activities. This vital support means the RSCDS is able to preserve a tradition and maintain a consistency that makes Scottish Country Dancing the same throughout the world.

Anyone can join the RSCDS. Active dancers are encouraged to join through one of the Society’s 159 Branches worldwide so that they are in touch with what is happening in their area, but direct membership through RSCDS Headquarters is also an option. 

The Management Board have identified below the benefits to dancers of becoming members of the RSCDS.

We hope that this will be of use to you and your Branch or Group as part of your recruitment and retention strategy.  Please use some or all of these statements as is most appropriate for your particular circumstances and/or target group.

  • Membership of a world-wide family of Scottish country dancers, who are all able to join in and enjoy the dance anywhere in the world. 

  • Members’ subscriptions financially support all the work of office staff, volunteers, teachers, assessors, examiners and musicians to enable the dancers to practise and enjoy the dance form in all situations from a relaxed social group to a high quality performance.

  • Scottish country dance is a pastime which improves physical health, mental well-being and social interaction and is promoted around the world through the network of Branches and Affiliated Groups.
  • Members receive a high quality magazine twice a year, giving information on dancing activities, the work of the Management Committees and advertisements for dancers’ products.
  • The RSCDS maintains an extensive website for information, sales and event booking and also publishes regular E-Newsletters.

  • The RSCDS sets and maintains the standards of steps, formations, dances and music while preserving the traditions of Scottish culture and introducing new dances.

  • The RSCDS provides dancers and musicians with many opportunities for learning in a sociable manner, through local classes, Summer School, Winter School and Spring Fling, where members receive reduced rates.

Summer School provides opportunities for:

  • dancers of all ages and abilities to advance and test their skills;

  • teachers to share good practice and to enhance their knowledge and skills;

  • all levels of teacher training and assessment;

  • continuing professional development for teachers;

  • musicians to share good practice and to enhance their knowledge and skills both as class musicians and band players.

    Younger dancers are encouraged and supported by events such as Spring Fling and by:

    • providing workshops and classes in different countries;

    • organising teams of demonstration dancers;

    • promoting SCD in schools in Scotland and throughout the world;

    • providing a graded system of tests to achieve recognition for learning.

      The RSCDS continues to publish books of traditional dances, including musical scores, and regularly commissions and publishes new dances and tunes.

      The RSCDS produces a range of merchandise for sale, with a discount for individual members and a bulk discount for Branches, this includes: books of dances, books of music, recordings of dance music, training manuals and various other items.

      RSCDS members have the opportunity to apply for scholarships for teacher training, to attend other events, for example: Summer School and Spring Fling.

      The RSCDS maintains an important archive of documents and multi media recordings. 


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