DST - Spring Flings for 2022

RSCDS 2022 Spring Flings


Ten Branches and Groups got in touch to say they’d be hosting Spring Fling events for 2022. In this blog we hear from Cambridge University Strathspey and Reel Club, Lyon Branch, Budapest Scottish Country Dance Club, Toronto Branch and Dundee University Scottish Dance Society.

Thanks to everyone involved in hosting Spring Fling events, and good luck to those still to come! Young dancers in central Glasgow are hosting their Spring Fling on Saturday 30th March with Roxburgh, Selkirk and Peebles Branch hosting an event on Saturday 6th May. Sydney Branch are hosting their Southern Fling in October so watch this space!


Cambridge University Strathspey and Reel Club and Cambridge and District Branch

Cambridge Spring Fling 2022


Two Spring-Fling-less years have passed so, when presented with the opportunity to host an event as part of the “distributed” Spring Fling 2022, the young dancers of the Cambridge and District Branch and the (newly affiliated) Cambridge University Strathspey and Reel Club jumped at the chance.

Our event took the form of a day school taught by Lindsey Ibbotson and Saskia Frisby. First, in a dynamic and engaging country class, Lindsey held us all to high standards of precision and teamwork while we learnt some unusual dances. A special mention must also go to Keith Smith, who rushed to our aid with his fiddle because Anne-Laure Latour unfortunately fell ill and was unable to accompany us! After a break for a picnic lunch in beautiful sunshine, Lindsey put us through our paces with a six-step Highland Fling and the Shepherd’s Crook from the MacNab Dances, which gave us the chance to apply our fling steps in a new context. Finally, as a trainee teacher, Saskia relished the chance to share one of their favourite Step dances (6/8 Blue Bonnets) with the young dancers, some of whom were totally new to Step. As the day drew to a close, we headed to an Indian restaurant where we all dispatched enormous quantities of curry(!) and chatted and laughed until it was time to go home.

Spring Fling 2022 not only challenged us as dancers but made us a stronger, more cohesive community of young people. We would like to thank the RSCDS for their support and for the funding that made an event like this possible.


Lyon Branch

Lyon Spring Fling 2022


At Lyon Branch we had a great weekend of dancing! There was a super energy from the young dancers, teachers and musicians. We had 9 Portuguese dancers joining us, and had a big party with them on Saturday night. Great memories were made!


Budapest Scottish Country Dance Club

Budapest Spring Fling 2022


The Budapest Scottish Dance Club is actively promoting Scottish dancing in Hungary. One element of this is the monthly dance house, which is similar to a ceilidh in Scotland. The dance houses are open to anyone interested in having lots of fun (and fitness and friendship of course). This year, the dance house joined with the RSCDS Spring Fling event, where more than 50 dancers of all ages danced popular dances such as the Canadian Barn Dance, It's All Right and The Flying Scotsman. There was live music by the band Dagda and after the dance, they did a short concert for the participants, where they sung several Scottish songs. A very enjoyable evening was had by all and hopefully some of the new dancers will attend our beginners’ course, which starts in September.


Toronto Branch

Toronto Spring Fling 2022


After a long winter, spring has finally sprung – and with it, the Toronto Association Spring Fling!  Spring Flings are festivals organised for younger dancers.  In 2020, Toronto was to host the first Spring Fling event outside Europe. However, the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to our plans of an international event.  Two years later, as restrictions have begun to lift, we were happy to be able to host a local event.  It was wonderful to dance to live music, see old friends, and introduce the joy of Scottish Country Dancing to a new group of dancers. 

Due to capacity limits, the event was limited to about 50 dancers, and the Youth Committee was happy to report it was a sold-out event!  This included 19 Fling-aged dancers.  Among them were 11 dancers from the Millennial Class which was held leading up to the Spring Fling event, and incorporated a range of experience levels.  For some, Scottish dancing was a brand-new experience!  All of the dancers did remarkably well, dancing every dance on the programme.  There was a sense of excitement as dancers tackled the spirited programme, energized by the lively music of Don Bartlett.  Halyna Sydorenko and Moira Korus MC’ed the evening, joined by a few young Toronto dancers who briefed some of the dances.  

Typically, a Spring Fling event incorporates a Fringe event for those over the age of 35.  We were happy to welcome a contingent of Fringe dancers who graciously helped our newer people, and ensured they had a kind welcome to the Toronto dancing community!  Their attendance showed the breadth of Scottish Country Dancing, as we had participants from ages 12 to 89 dancing together. 

While enjoying the Spring Fling, we also celebrated a special occasion.  Barbara McNutt joined us and dancers were happy to celebrate her birthday with her. 

The Youth Committee is already planning for Spring Fling 2023, when we hope to be able to host an international event. 


Dundee University Scottish Dance Society

Dundee Spring Fling 2022


We started the year uncertain if the Society would continue after Covid as we found it hard to keep the Society afloat, as was the same with many branches. People don't quite understand what Scottish country dance is unless they see it, or do it in person. And look at us now! The Society is flourishing in Dundee and we're able to attend other branch and university events. Our member engagement is strong, and we hope only to get stronger as the years go by. This was our first Spring Ball, and we hope there are many more to come that will cement our Society of dancers in with the larger RSCDS following. It was an intimate and friendly night, with many people helping each other through the steps and laughing through the more well-known ones. We saw some familiar faces, and some new to Scottish country dance all together. It was a fun filled evening where many people from many different backgrounds and places came together to enjoy themselves.

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