Medal Tests

The purpose and aim of Medal Test Assessments is to help teachers provide structured and progressive learning for pupils; to encourage young people to maintain and develop their interest in Scottish Dance; and to improve their standard of dancing.

The Introductory Award is suitable for young children in their first year of dancing. Although there are no formal lower and upper age limits for candidates taking these tests, Grades 1 - 5 are aimed at dancers aged 7 to 16.

Please note that Medal Tests must be booked no later than 12 weeks before the proposed date, and all fees must be paid at the time of submission of the Final Application form (MT-06); that is, no later than four weeks before the date of the tests. Payment of all local expenses associated with the tests is the responsibility of the organising centre; the Society pays the assessor’s fee and travel expenses, provided there is a minimum of eight candidates. A test session can not take place unless there is a minimum of eight candidates.

The fees charged per candidate are listed below:

Medal Test fees: effective 1st April 2015

Introductory Award


Grade One


Grade Two


Grade Three


Grade Four


Grade Five


Medal Test for Young Dancers Syllabus

Hints and Tips for Organisers and Teachers

  • Give each set of dancers time to familiarise themselves with their surroundings and the arrangements in the room
  • Allow time for warm-up and the calming of nerves – e.g. dance a well known dance, prior to the assessor arriving
  • Ensure that the dancers have the required knowledge of the dances and are aware of the assessment procedures
  • Encourage the dancers to relax and to do their best
  • Ensure that the assessor can easily identify each of the dancers e.g. by numbers or by names
  • Allow the assessor time between each dance to mark the sheets
  • Lay out the mark sheets in order of marking
  • Check that the arrangements for music are satisfactory prior to the start of assessment
  • Ensure that the assessor is informed of any condition that may adversely affect a candidate’s performance prior to the start of the assessment


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