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CD Book 20


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A typical Nicol McLaren treatment of some classic dances and tunes. Nothing but professionalism and perfection; what more can you expect from Nicol!

Captain McBride’s Hornpipe (8×32 Reel)
Up in the Air (8×32 Strathspey)
Miss Bennet’s Jig (8×32 Jig)
Village Reel (8×32 Strathspey)
Miss Burns’s Reel (8×32 Reel)
Miss Devon’s Reel (8×32 Strathspey)
The Drummer (8×48 Reel)
Miss Ogilvie’s Fancy (8×32 Strathspey)
Miss Jessie Dalrymple’s Reel (8×32 Reel)
Quiet and Snug (8×32 Strathspey)
The Express (8×40 Jig)
The College Hornpipe (8×32 Reel)

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