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CD Book 15


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Tour de force from Neil Barron and his band with full length tracks for all of the dances in this book including two 48 bar and one 40 bar strathspey, all played 8 times through.

My Mother’s coming in (8×32 Reel)
I’ll gang nae mair tae yon Toun (8×40 Strathspey)
Campbell’s Frolic (8×32 Jig)
Camp of Pleasure (8×32 Strathspey)
Gates of Edinburgh (8×32 Reel)
Lord Rosslyn’s Fancy (8×32 Jig)
Lochiel’s awa’ tae France (8×48 Strathspey)
Middling, thank you (8×40 Jig)
This is no’ my ain Hoose (8×32 Strathspey)
Argyll’s Bowling Green (8×32 Reel)
Theeket Hoose (8×48 Strathspey)
Waverley / Fergus McIver (8×48 Jig)

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